Declaration of Intent

This is Step 1.

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Personal information

Contact information

Intent to swim

Include preferences of swim direction, number of crossings, potential swim dates, and other relevant information.

Include information about crew, including names and qualifications.

Swim history

List past swims and accomplishments.

List any references and contact information. You may include teammates, training partners, or regular swimming buddies.


I understand that open water swimming is a hazardous sport. I certify that I have been medically cleared by a doctor to participate in this activity.

I have read the NOWSA Rules for unassisted marathon swims, and intend to make every effort to follow them and the Spirit of Marathon Swimming in full.

I understand that my swim is neither guaranteed nor certain to be successful, and I will not hold NOWSA responsible should my swim not be completed. I understand that no refunds will be given for any reason before or after the swim.

What is the first stoke in an IM?
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