NOWSA is presently accepting applications for solo swims for 2016.  Swim applications can be made directly to the board, and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

How to apply

To be considered for a solo swim, aspirants shall submit the following information as a Declaration of Intent:

  • Swim route, should be from sanctioned swims, or see below for new routes
  • Swim history, including substantiated speed
  • Support crew
  • Preferred swim window, may be subject to change based on conditions and availability
  • NOWSA membership

Once the Delcaration of intent has been reviewed, NOWSA will request a full application along with payment of the sanctioning fees. For 2016, sanctioning fees will be determined by the Board. NOWSA may request aspirants provide additional information and verification, such as a training plan or qualifying swim before an application is submitted.

Step 1: Submit a Declaration of Intent
Step 2: Await NOWSA review
Step 3: Submit an Application

New routes

To propose a new route, submit a detailed course overview to NOWSA including the following information:

  • Specific start point
  • Specific end point
  • Measured straight-line distance
  • Course map on NOAA nautical chart
  • Statement of historical or personal significance