Workout in an outdoor 25m pool on Mercer Island

4 May 2019 | 6am to 9am


Colman Pool is set to open on 11 May 2019. Don’t be caught off-guard! This 10k outdoor workout is just what you need to shake the dust off and get you ready for the summer.

Did we mention Fundraiser?

The Mercerwood USMS team has been gracious enough to host us at their beautiful outdoor facility on the morning of Saturday, 4 May 2019 for a three-hour workout of our making.

A minimum recommended donation of $20 will cover our costs and leave a small amount as a donation to NOWSA. If you’re thinking about doing an NOWSA solo swim, donations of $75 will get you an annual membership, and donations of $250 come with a NOWSA Lifetime Membership. Buy your membership and get in a good workout, all before 9am!

Donations anywhere in between are appreciated, and will help us offer bigger, better, and more exciting challenges in the future.

Ready? You can donate now, or wait until the morning of.



  1. All swimmers must be USMS members (insurance reasons). As guests of the Mercerwood USMS Club, we must follow their rules.

  2. Agree upon workout by lane.

  3. Like all good swims, this is a marathon, not a sprint - pick sendoffs that are friendly to all members of your lane.

  4. Arrive ready to swim by 6am. If you only want to swim less than 10k, that’s cool. Start with the group and leave when you're done rather than getting in late.

  5. We're guests at Mercerwood Shore Club. Treat facility with respect (e.g. pick up after yourself; no glass on deck; etc).

  6. Pool must be vacated at 9 am.


What’s the workout?

At 6am, we’ll break into lanes of about equal speed, and agree amongst your lanemates to complete 4 x 2,500m of your choice.

Some ideas of mix-and-match 2,500 sets are as follows:

  • (1) 2,500m

  • (5) 500

  • (10) 250

  • (25) 100

  • 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 400, 300, 200, 100

  • 100, (4) 200, 100, (3) 200, 100, (2) 200, 100, (1) 200, 100

  • 500, (2) 250, (5) 100, (10) 50, (20) 25

  • and more!

Or, just go the most classic route to 10k: 100x100s. At least one lane will be.


As if offering us their pool wasn’t enough, the Mercer Island Redwoods will be hosting a post-swim gathering with coffee, treats, and mimosas, pot-luck optional.

Mary Jane lives 5 miles from the Mercerwood pool on the Eastside. Want to know exactly where? Well, you’ll have to swim first before we tell you.