The Puget Sound Lighthouse Series

Point to Point to No Point to Point


① Stage 1 - Admiralty Inlet

Marrowstone Point ⇄ Point No Point

15.0 miles / 24.2 kilometers Details →

② Stage 2 - North Central Basin

Point No Point ⇄ West Point

17.8 miles / 28.7 kilometers Details →

③ Stage 3 - Elliott Bay

West Point ⇄ Alki Point

6.0 miles / 9.6 kilometers Details →

④ Stage 4 - East Passage

Alki Point ⇄ Point Robinson

13.2 miles / 21.2 kilometers Details →

⑤ Stage 5 - Poverty Bay

Point Robinson ⇄ Browns Point

6.6 miles / 10.6 kilometers Details →

⑥ Stage 6 - Commencement Bay

Browns Point ⇄ Gig Harbor

6.3 miles / 10.1 kilometers Details →


Point No Point Light FL (3) 10s 27ft 14M

Point No Point Light
FL (3) 10s 27ft 14M

The Lighthouse Series is a grouping of swims spanning from the top of Puget Sound to the edge of South Sound. This is not a race, it is not an event, nor is it a stage swim. It can be just a single swim between two of your favorite Lighthouses. It can be an annual summer outing. Heck, why not…it could be a stage swim if you really want. But it is really much more about getting out to enjoy some of the most breathtaking, hidden structures on Puget Sound.

Swims can be done in any order, in either direction.

First person to finish all 6 gets something cool. We don’t know what yet.

What to expect

Temperature: 53 to 57F, if done in the summer

Tides: Flood and ebbs are semi-diurnal in a generally north-south direction, and can be on the order of 1 to 2 knots in most places. It would be wise to use them to your advantage.

Weather: Prevailing winds are out of the north and south throughout much of the Central Puget Sound region. On the water, wind tends to travel parallel to the coast due to the steep topography of the shoreline.

Swimmer notes

Some swims have additional qualification requirements. Be sure to visit the Stage’s page for more information.