Lighthouse Series - Stage 4

East Passage

Alki Point

Alki Light, West Seattle

Alki Light, West Seattle

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Point Robinson

Point Robinson, Maury Island

Point Robinson, Maury Island

From NOAA Coast Pilots

Alki Point at the south entrance to Elliott Bay, is low with a small prominent wooded knoll about 80 feet high immediately back of it. East of the knoll, lowland extends for nearly 0.4 mile before rising to the high land extending south from Duwamish Head. Alki Point Light (47°34'35"N., 122°25'14"W.), 39 feet above the water, is shown from a 45-foot white octagonal tower attached to a building on the end of the point.

East Passage on the east side of Vashon and Maury Islands, extends from Alki Point south-southeast for 12.5 miles to Point Robinson, and thence southwest for 6 miles to Browns Point. The waters throughout are deep and free from dangers, which in no case extend as much as 0.5 mile from shore.

Point Robinson the easternmost end of Maury Island and the major turning point in the [East] Passage, is a low spit projecting 140 yards from the wooded high land. Robinson Point Light (47°23'17"N., 122°22'28"W.), 40 feet above the water, is shown from a 40-foot white octagonal tower on the point.

There are two barge-loading berths at the gravel pits about 1 mile southwest of Point Robinson. Conveyors load the barges. The gravel pits are prominent from the south end of East Passage. These facilities are the only commercial wharves on Vashon and Maury Islands, except for oil receiving wharves.